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Birthday Party Decor:Decor Pool For Birthday Party Floral Look Balloon Arch Pool Decor Idea For Birthday Celebration

Decor Pool for Birthday Party
Planning a birthday party in swimming pool? Here are the great ideas and tips to make your birthday party special and memorable one. The most enjoyable thing owning a pool is to gather family and friends for party and enjoy with bash. Pool party decoration inspires kid and makes them entertaining.
Pool Party Invitation
>  Write the pool party information on a beach ball and send it to guests
>  Print a card with swimming pool and party information and send it to guests.
>  Send Big sunglasses with tag attached to it and has the pool party information.

Find below the party themes for your adorable pool party
Movie theme
Movie theme suits well when the party is arranged after sunset. If u have a big screen TV move it out or rent a Projector for the evening. You can project the movie or songs at the light colored walls or hang solid white sheet for projection. Make sure you have arranged for enough lounge chairs. Make your own stand and provide popcorn, soda and snacks.
Beach Party Theme
Beach theme is easy to create around the swimming pool. Let the dress code be simple swimsuits and flip-flops. You can build sand castle in some areas. Use beach towels to decor table and chairs. Allow floating toys and sail boats to float in the pool. Fill buckets with sand and tie helium balloons to the handles. Hang fishnets around the edge of the party and fill with shells, crabs and seahorses. Bright colored backdrop creates a special beach atmosphere.

Pirate Themed Party
Alternatively, you can send invitations to the guest in a treasure map that leads them to the pool. Don’t forget to include date, time, dress code and all other relevant details in invitation. Put in a plastic bottle after rolling invitation and hand deliver it to your guests. Provide splash guns to play. Have some treasure hunt as an activity. You can also use Plastic foam noodles to have sword fight. Choose pool friendly items to décor. Tip: Choose green and red color and decor the pool fully with same choice
Here below are some of thoughtful ideas that can be used to decor pool
Beach Balls
Beach balls are the inflatable balls, floats over the pool. It is an affordable idea and it indulges kids to jump into the pool. Rainbow colored balls are very impressive. Beach ball garland can be used decorate the pool in cross lines that makes the pool look glam!

Balloons can fulfill the decorations for pool parties. It is a popular decoration and budget friendly. Bright colored balloons make the party extra colorful. Balloon decoration includes balloon palm trees and arches. You can throw lightened balloons over the pool that adds charm to the birthday parties.
Lanterns enhance your decorative display. Lanterns brighten the party with its glowing nature. You are free to use Paper lantern or Hanging lantern garlands with matching lights to decorate fast. An affordable idea for the pool party.
Floats are the best part of any pool party. Toss few floats in the pool. You can choose real flowers, floating candles, ducks, unicorns, pink flamingos, cupcakes, citrus(lemon) floats, floating lantern with candles, fresh flowers in metal hoops.

Table Decor
Decorating a beautiful table top creates a special atmosphere. Decor desert table with beach ball garland, balloon, pool water with fish, copper candle holders, paper balls, cocktail umbrella breath. Also use tassel garland table vases and decorated trays. Style the table with printed themed table cloths and bold colors.
Photo Booth
Arrange photo booth in pool area to take memorable snaps. Be sure to get photo booth printable props for your guests.
Games in Pool Party
Sometimes parties without games will bore for kids. Games entertain kids and adults. You can include treasure hunt, beach ball pass or mermiad races, volleyboll. These fun activities make everyone an unforgettable birthday pool party.
Organize small plastic pools for kids under five years. Let them have a safety play. Arrange inflatable slides and artificial falls in an attractive way to entertain your guests.

Return Gifts
Its your choice to give kids a take home gift. It can beach bucket filled with sunglasses, towels, water bottles, cupcakes or the photos if u had arranged for photo-shoot during the party
General tips for pool party
> Arrange more number of umbrellas for guests who prefer to relax in shade
> Use Plastic glasses to avoid glass break things that make things worse
> Mark the depth of your pool with waterproof tape for your guests’ safety.
> Make sure you have extra towels and flip flops to provide to the guests who forget to bring their own.
> Make sure you have enough candles to light the night which will add more beauty to the pool after sunset
> Arrange everything in prior and make sure someone is responsible for the arrangements.
> Provide an extra room for guest to change in to their swim suits and take care of their belongings
> Arrange games according to the age group and make sure you have enough items to host them.
> You can go for a game co-coordinator if you can spend some extra bucks

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