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Birthday Party Decor:First Birthday Party Decoration Budget Friendly First Birthday Party Celebration Decor Ideas At Home

First Birthday Party Decoration
Birthday wishes to your one year old toddlers!! First birthday is a absolutely a ravishing moment in everyone’s life. Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is a stupendous milepost for your family. Kids may not remember his/her first birthday party but it’s a haunting instance for you as a parent. Here are some of the tips to make your loved one’s birthday special.
Party Themes
Inspire the party by the fact to let babies have fun. Separate themes available for boys and girls. Choose the theme for the party which covers from smash cakes to the party favors. Visual approach dispenses a great significance to an amazing birthday party.

Car Theme
Boys usually love cars. This may be an apt theme for your kid, craze on cars. Decorate your entrance similar to track and place stop signals using appropriate color balloons. Let the cake match your theme. Car and track birthday cake is the best option.
Let the cake shape be like a car in track. It exactly will inspire your kid. Decorate the table with wheels below. Spread a red cloth on the table. Keep some spare tyres and signal lights along with tracks made with scented dough. Place a huge car banner for the backdrop. Decorate car shaped fruits and cookies. Arrange for a photo booth like a car front glass. Complimenting your kid guest based on theme will give grant success to your party.

Disney land Theme
A popular theme for kid’s birthday celebration. Kids like Mickey and Minnie Mouses. Place a Minnie mouse air walker at your home entrance. An awesome manner to welcome our guests. Use a red and white polka dot table cloth for decorating the table. Fill the cookie station Minnie cookies, mickey lollipops, mickey and Minnie jellos, Minnie Mouse fruit bows. Dress up the balloons like a Minnie mouse using netted pink clothes with bows.
Prefer tissue paper Mickey and Minnie mouse backdrop to make an outstanding party theme. Set up a Mickey Mouse photo prop as kids love it for party photos. Go ahead with best party favors like Mikey and Minnie headband ears, mickey toys, Minnie cupcakes and memorable photos.

Jungle Theme
Let the party go wild with jungle theme. A suitable theme that take kids to tropical green forest. Place jungle theme welcome cutout at your entrance. Tip: Placing palm trees and animal balloons placed at the entrance takes the forest awning to high level.
Fill the party space with trees, flowers and wild animals. Setup faux palm trees and mountain backdrop. Decorate cake table with tropical imitation plant leaves, cakes with animal toys as cupcake toppers, elephant shaped cakes, plastic zoo animal sipper cups which all turns the party into an adventure.

Place fruits and vegetable carvings of different wild animal in dessert table. Arrange lion faced photo booth for kids. Give jungle animal hats, eye mask, animal face masks, and animal printed sunglasses as party favors. A jungle theme stickered gift bags makes your guests to carry away the jungle journey along with them.
Magical Fairy theme
Fairy theme best suits for your baby girl’s birthday party. Come-on, lets enter the magical fairy land! Prepare an Invitation to match theme and personally give it to your valuable guests. Go for a star shaped or butterfly shaped invitation. Add bash details inside and remember to mention the dress code.

Decor the entrance with balloon arches, lightened balloons and star lanterns.
Provide fairy wings, a wand, fairy crown to your guests as they arrive. Choose pleasant colors like pink, lavender for decoration. Hang star shaped lighten lanterns from tree branches to add appealing beauty to your backyard. Fill your party area with flowers, bubbles and balloons. Go for a fairy garland to enhance decorative display.
Decorate the party table with pink colored curtains, stars, confetti and butterflies. Order a tinker bell cake to bring a fairy land canopy. Fill your dessert table with fruit wands, start cookies, fairy jellos, butterfly cookies, cupcakes with gold and glitter fairy toppers. To end the party on a high note, send off your guests with multi colored fairy dust bottles and sweet memories.

Ocean Theme
Ocean theme will attract most of the kids as it is colorful. Get the sea shell shaped invitations ready with details printed. Choose white and blue color for decorations to suit more to the theme. Decor your entrance with Dolphin air walkers. Place some sea shells, crabs toys at the entrance to make your guests aware of the theme.
Decorate the table with blue and white fabric. Place some starfish, glass marbles on it. Create a paper jelly fish lanterns and hang it from top to add beauty to the theme. Order cake with Dolphin, Jelly fish or Octopus shaped with ocean base. Fill the dessert table with edible sea creatures shaped like cup cake topped with sea horse, starfish. Party favors make the kids happier. Give a basket filled with dolphin toys, jellos, etc..
Fun Partying!

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