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How to Décor Garden for Birthday Party
Each Birthday is a memorable occasion in life. Arranging a birthday party in garden is more fun and entertaining. Green color of the nature creates a lovely environment to your guests that makes memorable. We are here to help you providing some tips and ideas to make arrangements to your mesmerizing backyard party.
Party Invitation
> Decorate your invitation using artificial grasses and flowers which implies a garden party. Mention unique dress code for kids. Example: Vegetable or fruit printed ones.
> Arrange a bouquet with invitation. Hand it personally to your guests.
> You can send flower shaped invitation containing details about party – date, timing, events if any.

Entrance Decoration
Gorgeous entrance decoration makes garden themed party livelier. You can create an arch with flowers, balloon, grasses, and fruits. Use lights to the arches only if your party is planned for night. You can provide welcome drinks to guests at the entrance. Prepare welcome drinks in green color (mint lemonade) that exactly suits the garden theme.
Garden Decoration
Garden decoration creates an inbuilt nature entertaining center. Use balloons, ribbons, multi-colored string lights, lightened balloons and lanterns to decor your garden or lawn. You can also use party light hangers to enlighten the garden. Floral garland reflects nature all around.
Twinkle the trees with string lights. Tie lanterns over tree branches. Use pom-poms and ribbons to decor trees.You can make bird cages filled with bright colored flowers and hang it in your gardens. Prepare Mini bouquets using tea cup and tea pots filled with natural flowers.

Décor the Cake
Of course, cake plays an important role in birthday parties. Order a bright color flower shaped cake that suits well with your garden theme. Alternatively, you can also order cake with leaves and floral decorations on its base.
Table Decoration
Innovative table décor idea adds elegant touch to the party. Cover the table with artificial grass or nature scene fabric. Use scented play dough artificial flowers, fruits, insects to decor the party table. Pretty pink glass wares with flowers placed on the table gives an enriched look.
Photo Booth
The only way to ensure you don’t forget the party celebration is to have the Photo Booth. Don’t scramble around to décor booth. It’s made easy here. Photo booth take the selfies to next level. Make sure you have the best properties and background. Set the easy background with colorful leaves and flowers hanging around the big frame.

Crown Stall
Prepare Floral crown with bright colored flowers. Make leaf crowns in different shapes and stick some paper butterflies to the crown. Give it to your guests on their arrival. Vivify them to wear it.
Drinks Station
Drinks are perfect punch for outdoor garden party. Refreshing drinks keep your guests stay happy and hydrated. Arrange the station similar to a pond with outer green area covered with artificial grass. Fill the pond with ice. Let the drinks be placed in the pond. Arrange glasses neatly together in green area. Wrap lace or ribbon around glasses for astonishing look.
Food Ideas
A perfect party should always have a rich and delicious buffet. Fresh veggie salads, sandwiches, fresh berries, cheese cakes, grilled items can be your choice.
Prepare a separate tent for desert table. Use pleasant curtains, drape it well to make tent. Throw helium filled balloon inside the tent to give delightful appearance. A rich dessert is always good to have in your dine. Make sure you have enough desserts for kids and adults.

Party Games
No party fulfills without game. Arrange for a game or events. It gives entertainment to your guests. Let them enjoy along with cakes and ice-creams. Keep in mind to let the kids, toddlers, adults have fun while selecting game. Have the compliments ready to give for winners.
Games may include Balloon burst, Guess how many like number of beans in the large jar, Dance contest, Acting out with papers handed to guests, or some other funny activities.
Party Favors
To end the party on a high note, send your guests away with sweet treats and good memories. Give them a basket with photo frames, chocolates, cakes and toys for kids
Get benefit of the general tips here
> Celebrate your little one’s birthday with clustered balloon curtains.
> If you are not managing budget, fill flowers in a wooden box to display around your garden.
> Arrange for a rainbow candy buffet to make your at-home garden party luxurious.
> Set up a backyard fire that creates bond among your guests.
> You can arrange for a banner containing “Happy Birthday” panel.
> Use floral paper straws for beverages to host a splendid garden themed party to your boy or girl.

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