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50th chance to get it right on planet earth is the golden jubilee celebrations of one’s life.  In this stressful mechanical world living 50 years is in itself an accomplishment.  And that too with friends and loved ones to celebrate the success of life is a gift and a boon to anyone.  50 years of age is the young of the old.  Celebrating the wisdom acquired over 50 years will make one look at the world in the right perspective with qualities of patience and tolerance.  Decorations for the golden jubilee celebration of one’s life should be special and memorable one.

Sole experience:
Fifty is not the time to prepare the bucket list but the list to live life to its fullest. The experience and wisdom make to start afresh after a life filled with responsibilities and duties accomplished.  On the occasion of the fiftieth birthday, it is time to go into the memory lane of success with those who were part of it.  Having them in the birthday bash is the real success on one’s life.  Photos of the birthday beauty along with those who travelled along the gardens and deserts down the memory lane play an important part in the celebrations.
If the decorations for a birthday which come once in every passing year is to be special, then what about the 50th one.  This is one time where everyone forgets their differences and issues to come and have a good time of their life.
Photo Gallery: An array of photos depicting the timeline of success in the life of 50 years should be the focal point of the golden jubilee celebrations This could bring in cheers on the face of not only the birthday celebrity but also to the guests who were part and parcel of the journey for 50 years. Gifts either way should be accompanied with past photos and the ones taken on the 50th birthday.  This could have a long-standing impact on both the guests and the host of the party.

Golden theme: The decoration theme should be mostly of gold because of the golden jubilee celebrations.  The party décor color should be gold in each and every aspect and materials at the party starting from the curtains to the tablecloth should be of gold.  Even the cutlery and the plates should be of golden color.  4 Golden color balloons should be placed in every 0apossible place to increase the ambience of the room and the mood of the people.  The paper cuttings and the decorations in the room including the banners should be of gold in color.  If the golden theme is chosen for the party, everything in the party should remind every one of the 50 years of struggle and success by the celebrity.
Décor themes as per the celebrity’s wish: The themes could also vary according to the wish of the birthday celebrity.  It could be white or any other color of his choice.  It is more important to give preference to the person who enjoys the birthday.  Whatever the theme the decorations should be accordingly arranged by a professional or with the innovative and imaginative DIY skills of the hosts of the party.

Music Matters: The music of the party room should be arranged in a way that it plays the most liked ones by the birthday celebrity.  This could bring in nostalgic moments not only to the celebrity but also to those who travelled along with him in different periods of time.
Wishes and quotes: The banners could be with innovative wishes and quotes to celebrate the occasion. The content should be good enough to reflect the character and attitude of the celebrity.  It should be to lighten the effects of ageing and with the prospects, it could bring in.  For some, it could be hard to embrace ageing and the talk in the party room should be in accordance with that without spoiling the celebratory atmosphere.

Record of the milestone: Being successfully gone through most of the hardest times of life it is time for the celebrity to relax and enjoy the remaining time of life with joy and happiness.   The wishes of the guests for the long living of the golden celebrity should be properly recorded in an appropriate sheet.  This along with the photos will be a memorial and a milestone in the celebrity’s life while crossing the 50th year.
The 50th birthday celebrations should be properly decorated as per the wishes of the celebrity for his dreaded or anticipated day.  Either way, it should be not the one to be forgotten by the celebrity and the guests for a long time.

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