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Zoo Themed Birthday Party Decor Ideas for Kids
Wanna throw a zoo theme based birthday party? It’s an excellent idea. Zoo themed birthday party will be a fun to entertain kids. It makes the party outstanding as it creates a special atmosphere. Here comes some of the thoughtful ideas to host a fabulous zoo themed birthday party.
Create birthday party invitation on your own. Stick animal pictures as envelope. Take photos of your child with their favorite animals and write party details on back of the photo. Animal shaped invitation will be a better option. Send your guests an animal mask along with tag containing all the details of stunning party.

Entrance Decoration
Decorate your entrance with trees and flowers. Prepare an arch at the entrance. Hang artificial steamers which resemble Bonavist(An ornamental plant that grows in tropical forest). Write a note over the arch “WELCOME TO THE ZOO”. Place balloon animal walkers at both ends of arch. It provides a fitting reflection of the zoo all around.
Birthday Cake Idea
Order a cake to match party theme or prepare a cake of your own and decorate it with animal face. Place animal numbered candle over the cake. It provides a perfect punch to the party.
Home and Table Decoration
Place wild animal cut-out in the corners of the house. Decorate with variety of animal toys. Stick animal pictures on walls of house. This makes the party to go wild. Suspend paper balloon animal above the table along with colored lanterns.
Spread tiger stripped printed cloth over the table. Decorate your table edges using artificial grass. Place cupcakes with zoo animal toppers, gummy bears and  animal shaped cookies. Setup animal based backdrop, hang an artificial monkey and a snake over the backdrop. Place giraffe and zebra balloons along the sides of table.

Dessert Table Decoration
Windup your table legs with artificial snake. Place refreshing drinks and unique cocktails to let your guest stay happy and hydrated. Decorate dessert table with animal sipper cups and animal printed straws. Place also wild animals, vegetable carvings over the dessert table.
Mask Station
Hand out different animal faced masks, head bands to your party guests. You can choose to provide animal printed hats, zoo animal hand puppet tattoos and animal birthday shirts. This makes your guests to carry away splendid memories.
Photo Booth
Setup a zoo theme photo booth with fun zoo photo props to make it funny to the kids. Tip: You can use animal face-cut out board.

Backyard Setup
If the party is gonna be organized in backyard, throw some wild animal balloons over the yard. Place artificial monkeys and snake on trees. Hang the bees and butterflies over the tree branches. Decorate your outdoor area or garden with lightened animal balloons. Place huge banners and animal cut-outs throughout the garden.
Prepare a den archive in your garden/lawn. Place tiger and lion balloons nearby. Recreate the swimming pool as a pond. Fill the corners of the pond with artificial grasses. Float some fishes and reptiles in the pond. You can also let some artificial animals stand near the pond.
Setup a giraffe banner in the backyard with centimeter markings over the neck of the giraffe. Children can look at their heights and have fun with it. Make some burrows at one corner of the garden. Place buck and doe(bunnies) over there. Hang a tag near the burrows with a note “BUNNIES CORNER”.
Make stable for Zebras. Place the cardboard for the stable and paint it. Decorate the cardboard with lights. Place some balloon zebras inside the stable. An ideal idea to bring zoo canopy to your eye level.

Party Favors
Send your guests away with party favors as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a memento of the wondrous occasion. Choose to give single serving bags of animal crackers, animal painting books, zoo animal tattoos and toys. Use animal print ribbon to tie the bags.
Check out the General Tips below
> Place huge dinosaurs and dragons at your home or garden entrance/reception.
> Use sensor for animals to create an inbuilt zoo centre.
> Place the young ones of animals near the bigger ones.
> Engage play activates for kids to entertain them.
> Use candle or candle lanterns to enlighten night time party.
> Place a banner with group of animals. Cut off the animal faces carefully. Use it as photo booth to take family pictures.
> Use animal stripped printed balloons to decorate your garden.
> Place animal foot prints at the entrance.
> Fill cages with birds and hang it over lamp posts.
Above are the some of the useful ideas you can mix and match these themes to have a wonderful birthday bash.

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