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Party Decor Ideas:Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party Fence Lighting Inspiration For Backyard Romantic Wedding Party

Lighting occupies the most important decorative part of any party. Lighting your backyard creates loveliness and adds charm to your party. Lighting is an easy way to make your backyard more inviting. Revamping your yard with light will add a touch of grandeur to an elegant garden. Here comes a cluster of stunning ideas for your yard decoration.
Table Decoration
Table decoration pays more attention to your guests. Decorate the table with candle lights and opt for a candle light dinner. It sets the romantic tone of the event. Create a circular pillar over the table and hang few lanterns, which add pleasing appearance to the dinner party. Decorate the path to table as the path lighting directs the way to the dinner table.

String Lights
String lights are charmingly a rustic solution to lighten up your backyard. It simulates stars in the dark sky. This makes your yard to look even more gorgeous. Try string lights to cast a glow on your backyard.  Fill a bowl with mini golden fairy lights for some added warmth.
Step Decoration
Use lanterns and candles to step up your step decoration. Place lanterns of various shapes and sizes on the steps of yard. It will bring an exotic appearance and inspire your guests.
Tree Decoration
Decorate the trees using lanterns and string lights. Wrap the stem and the branches of tree with string lights. Place seating around the tree. It will look whimsical and captivating too.
Glass Lanterns
Suspend glass lanterns from tree branches. Fill it with battery powered fairy lights. It creates a stunning piece of dramatic background which inspires your guests to have an amorous evening.
Artificial Fire Pit
It is a simple decorative idea. Create a yard fire pit. Encircle the fire pit with cushioned seats. Place a pile of logs over the pit and decorate it with string light to give a natural fire pit appearance. This decoration will give an alluring vibe.

Lantern Post
Lantern posts are simply elegant and rustic. Place the posts at various areas of your garden as it provides light to every nook and corner of your yard. You can even paint the post and use decorative metal lanterns.
Bush Lighting
To have extra lighting over the garden, place lights underneath the bushes. It’s an extra ordinary idea to have bush lighting. It resembles a moon which gives off its light.
Waterproof Candles
Place water proof candles over a tray filled with flowers. Use this decorative one as a centerpiece. Have an enchanting walkway through the garden.
Moonlight Globes
These lamps imitate moon and are amazingly cool. Allow them either to float or mount it over the garden area. It will add whimsy to your garden.

Rainbow Lighting
Use mason jars here. Place mason jars over the table. Use different colored lights for each jar. This gives a rainbow effect and let your guests’ eye filled with colors.
Log Lights
It’ll be nice to see lights shining through the cracks of log. Use natural logs for lighting. It’s gonna be the highlight of your backyard lightings. It is like your backyard filled with radiating lights.
Fence Lighting
Light up your backyard fence using small multicolored string lights. It will give an alluring yard with its lovely nature.

Light Pot With Flowers
Garden becomes more attractive when you add lighting to flowers. Hang some lighting pots over the posts and fill the pot with flowers to give a special touch to the party.
Chinese Lanterns
Create a festive atmosphere by hanging Chinese lanterns throughout your backyard. Use various shapes and colors. It will bring a traditional view of your backyard.

Pathway Lighting
Pathway lighting is a dazzling idea. Arrange for a lightened pathway with an oversized rope light. It guides your guests to have a walk around the garden to spend their leisure.
Solar Butterfly String
Solar butterfly string creates a natural environment around the area. Use butterfly shaped solar lights of different colors to add glamour to the party. These butterflies will show off your venue beautiful.

Solar Glass Ball Path Lights
Solar accents make your yard shine, day and night. For path lights, use solar glass balls. Use the color of your choice. You can brighten up the outdoor space with glowing charm using these glass balls.
Solar Color Changing Wind-bell Light
String up different colored solar lantern balls at distinct heights in a circular arch. This put one in mind of a wind-bell. Solar color changing wind-bell will light up the evening for a romantic interlude.

Hanging Jar Candle Holders
Place lightened candles in a jar and tie it with a string to give a classic appearance. Tie it over the trees or fence line to cast an enchanting spell on your backyard and create a distinctive mood.
Lightened Balloons
Decorate your yard with lightened balloon garland. Use various colored balloons and string it up. Place white light inside each balloon. It creates a colorful backyard as the light reflects the color of balloon.
Try these ideas to lighten up your backyard, make an enjoyable spot to spend with your loved ones.

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Party Decor Ideas:Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Party Fence Lighting Inspiration For Backyard Romantic Wedding Party

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