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Party Decor Ideas:Beach Party Decoration Ideas Cool Mermaid Beach Theme Decor Inspiration For Kids' Birthday Party

Planning a beach party? Wow! A wonderful idea to go towards the front during summer is with a beach party. Let’s stay under the impression of sand, surf and sun for a fun party to get in the mood to soak up the fun. It’s a colossal task for the party throwers to make up a decision about decorations. Look at our innovative ideas to remove the complexities for hostess and to make it even more facile.
An invitation card gets a sight of your party. It must meet the expectation of your guests and the card should stick to the theme.
Design the invitations in the shape of starfish, beach balls, sea shore, sand and surf cards, flip flop cards which implies the theme. Enclose the party details like place, time, date, dress code.

Entrance Decoration
As the proverb says “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION”, give voice to the entrance decoration. It lays down the tone of the event. Spread some quantity of sand over the floor of the entrance. Toss some sea shells and corals. Also place the hanging vintage beach life preserver ring at the front door.
Home Decoration
Place small beach umbrellas to bring breezy and cool beach into your house. Place some starfish, turtles and crab balloons over the party. Decorate the area by hanging some sea shell garland. Toss some beach balls throughout the party. Kids will have fun by kicking the assorted balls.
Cover a wall with blue or green wavy streamers, suspend some seahorses and fish cut-outs. Opt for a seahorse curtains. Place colorful mini beach buckets throughout the house. Fill it with beach water and float few fishes and pearls.
Arrange for a shelf over the party corner. Fill it up with towels, sun glasses, hats, colorful flip flops and themed umbrellas to add the feel. You can also have some beach chairs and parasols. This will give your guests a breezy vibe.

Table Decoration
Drape the table with sea green or aqua printed table cloths. Decor the table with animal shaped cookies, sea horse shaped candies, salads and beach themed cupcakes. Place starfish toppings or with printed sea animal toppings. Place a sailboat in the center of table. Place veggie carvings of a surf board, sail boat, fishes, turtles, octopus and sea shells to decor the table.
Set a blue colored printed banner for a backdrop. Hang some octopus balloons over the backdrop. Place inflatable huge palm trees on each side of the banner to bring a beach vibe to your guests’ eye level.
Fill a tray with sand. Embed corals, starfish toys, sunglasses and mini beach balls besides either an inflatable palm or coconut tree. Place this as a center piece. This gives a personal touch to the party.

Always remember to serve drinks! Parties cannot go live without it. It works predominantly to keep your guests stay refreshed and hydrated. Go with homemade lemonades, cool mint, strawberry sage and mocktails. Serve the drinks in pretty transparent tall glass wares with beach themed straws along with little umbrellas. Use colorful mini beach buckets for beer coolers.
Entertaining Activities
To make the party entertaining for kids, go with some rustic activities like starfish ring toss, volleyball, beach ball pass, seashell decoration, etc.. to have more fun.
Photo Station
Opt for a beach themed photo station to make it as the most memorable party for your guests. Go forward with big sunglasses, goggles, big umbrellas, surfboard photo props to bring excitement among kids.
Beach Themed Party Favors
Send off your guests with cool party favors as a souvenir of the occasion. Party favors must be something useful, fun and age-appropriate. Give away the Sunglasses, Mini beach balls, Silly straws, Sea creature bathtub toys, Sea creature stickers and the photos.

Find the general tips here to throw an outstanding beach party
> Hang some Life Savers over the party.
> Go with sea themed party cups and coconut shells to serve the drinks.
> Arrange with a mermaid oceanic themed cake.
> If you have a pool in the backyard, just decorate it with the inflatables and beach balls.
> Decorate the pool with artificial bubbles to create a sea shore effect.
> Carve a watermelon like a boat and fill it with fruits and mini palm trees.
> Decorate the party area with tissue flower garland.
> Use funny sunglasses food cupcake picks to decor the cupcakes.
> Give away the floral garland necklace to your guests as a party favor.
> Give your guests a table grass skirt party dress to have fun.
> Create a hut over the pool in the garden and arrange the seatings.

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