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Birthday Party Decor:Best Decor Ideas For Girls’ Birthday Party Cool Attractive Home Decor Ideas For Celebrating Girls Birthday

Best Decor Ideas for Girls’ Birthday Party
Throwing birthday party at any age is a bliss. She may be your baby girl, princess, girl friend or queen. Whoever it is, the atmosphere matters a lot that makes her feel loved. Here is a bunch of cute ideas to make her birthday a momentous occasion.
Tassel Garland
It may take time to make tassels but sure it will gain attention of your guests. Use either tissue paper or thread to make tassels. As tassel fringes are colorful and funny, the garland attract girls highly. Most importantly, it comes under at-home budget birthday party.
Glass Vases
An adorable idea to decorate tables and teapoy is to use glass vase. Put fresh florals in a vase filled with water. Use various colors of food coloring for catchy look. Add optional vase fillers not only for beautiful look but also to hold flowers.  Hand painting on the glass vase adds extra essence to guests’ eye.

Hula Hoop Balloons
Hula Hoop Balloon Wreath is a trendy party decoration idea for all ages right now. Just to have a pinkalicious party, use pink balloons that make things girly. It might be your girls’ favorite decor idea.
Fringe Balloons
This decor idea sounds good in photo-shoots. Use different sized air-filled or helium filled balloons with a mishmash of colorful ribbons of different lengths. Tip: White globe with assorted colors of ribbons serves a good combination. You can also use colors to match party theme.

Tissue Flowers
A budget friendly decor idea for your girl’s birthday party. It stays long even after the party to make your girl remember the funny things and memories had on her birthday. The tissue paper blooms idea fills space with gorgeous paper stuffs. It can either be a DIY or store bought flowers.
Golden Fan Garland
Simply decorate using golden colored papers with easy folding. It is a perfect, charming idea for an affordable birthday party. It works great to attract your queen.
Balloon Garden
An ideal idea to decor outdoor is precisely the balloon garden decoration. Use golf tees to pin balloons down to the grass or your lawn. You can use pink balloons for entire decoration just to throw a cheerful party.

Veggies and Flowers
Buy flowers, vegetables and also fruits from local market to garnish the party table. A worthy idea that makes your angel to feel the essence of nature. Use contrasting colors of veggies and fruits to decorate the table. Tip: Red Tomatoes with green leaves adds attraction. It is up to you whether to carve or cut them for embellishments. You can also refer vegetable garnishing techniques and designs.
Charming Chandelier
A simply pretty décor idea for all people. If you are managing budget, go ahead with DIY paper chandelier, cotton with crystal chandeliers. When it comes to paper, you can match colors to a themed party décor. If you are not calculating money, buy some test tubes and wrap it with assorted colors of paper. Test tube chandelier may be an apple of your guest’s eye.

Circle Garland
Use scrapbook in a creative way to add glam. Simply cut out circles from the book and sew all together with narrow stitches. Use your sewing machine or hand stitch the circles. It may be an effective idea for your girl’s marvellous party.
Paper Chains
An adorable paper chains may be special to your baby girl. You can make it easily at home or buy from party stores. Collect paper strip colors of your choice. Form a loop by stapling it. You can add n number of loops until it meets desired length. Great idea to catch everyone’s eye.
Rainbow strips
An impressive rainbow décor is worthy for kids. Gather paper stripes of rainbow colors and cut it all horizontally in same length. Sew all strips together. Finally attach the fishing sinker just to add weight to keep in place. It comes under your budget party and an alternative to paper chain decoration.

Luminous Cotton Candy
Sparkling idea to boost up party mood. It is suitable for night time birthday party, after your princess come from school. Put LED glow Sticks into a paper cone and wrap it with spun sugar to add glam to kids’ eyes.
Floral Pom-Poms
Best décor idea for all time. Readymade pom-poms are available in stores and online. DIY with a tissue paper to explore your creativity. Tie flowers to the ceiling. This idea adds colorfulness to your glam party and funny photo-shoots.
Enjoy Partying!

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