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The celebration season for decorating the lush green with silver bells, adorable ornaments and colorful garlands. It is not an easy task trying to tackle the Christmas tree. The following simple steps guide you to decor a beautiful Christmas tree that will be ready for those wonderful presents.
Do not let the garland rule over your tree:
Choose right matching festive garlands and arrange on your tree in such a way that it does not overcrowd or look crazy. Zig-zag arrangement of garland is the better choice.Start by deciding to one color palette. Choose something like a deep crimson, and then lighten it up with tones in pale pink, creamy ivory and charcoal grey. Have fun wrapping branches with mittens, pom poms and cute mini ornaments like gaudy tinsels and popcorn strings.

Ideas to mix and match new and old things:
Some of your precious old dolls Or hangings need to be placed on the new modern Christmas tree. Follow some of our ideas to simplify this task.
Don’t compete old verses new while arranging. Begin with a vintage pick like a beautiful golden bird, and then work with a modern pick like  hot pink filial in order to balance it.
Tricks for less budget good-looking tree:
Avoid the classic evergreen tree and select an unexpected color like  winter white. When the color is more untraditional, the impact will be more so that you can compromise on the size and ornaments. Select one bold color so it pops like red, turquoise or magenta.

Ideas for limited space:
No need to worry that you don’t have much space in a studio apartment or a tiny living room. A six foot tree might not feel right but why don’t you think about a table top version which looks magnificent not invading large space.  Choose an artificial tree in a color like white or pink or a bottle-brush. Many modern decorative elements are available these days to make your tree look aesthetic.
Management of ornaments:
Too many collection of ornaments need to be sorted first. Sort according to importance: must hang, may be next year, never need again. Then select right places to hang and be specific. Choose some different shades like shocking lime green paired with shimmery neutrals. Then, look into scale. Choose bigger ornaments or some unique shaped hangings first so that fewer things will be enough to decorate the whole tree.

Try a themed Christmas tree:
Questions to ask yourself before arrangement:  Is an ornament present that is particularly meaningful this time? Is there anything that must be kept every year? How you visualize your tree this time in mind? For example, do you need it to be bold and bright or serene and soft? Now focus on your favourite things and arrange from top to bottom. Use apt Snowflakes, silver and golden hangings to have a warm and sophisticated decor.

Setting up a Christmas tree with pets at home:
Along with four legged friends, you can still decor a Christmas tree with slight planning beforehand. Plan like cat Christmas tree ornament or any other similar logistics to arrange a beautiful tree for cherishing in front of you. It’s necessary to make a few concessions when there are  pets and kids, but you can still end up with a decorous festive tree. Tabletop trees are beautiful as their six foot siblings and they can be well considered. Shatter-resistant ornaments like cotton, felt or woollen materials can be purchased. Non-toxic materials must be vitally noted while shopping. Group two or three tabletop trees and place on a console table or mantel.
Hence our Christmas tree will come out with all wonders. Implement above ideas and you will definitely have a fantastic Christmas tree than all previous years. Merry Christmas!!!

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