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Organizing a birthday party for your girl? Birthday parties can’t live without cupcakes. Cupcakes are as sweet as girls. Creatively decorated birthday cupcakes will thrill your birthday girl. The highlight of birthday party is cupcakes that everyone really looks forward to. Scroll on for the creative cupcake ideas for hosting a tremendous birthday party for girls.
Pink Piggies
The farm animal cupcakes are more adorable. Pink Piggies are the most predominant of all farm animal cupcakes which girls usually like. Make Piggy faced cupcakes on your own or use little piggy cupcake toppers. Piggy cupcakes are an endearing one.

Butterfly Cupcakes
Whirl different colored frosting to turn out an array of bright cupcakes. Arrange them similar to butterfly. Decorate the bright colored cupcakes for wings. To acquire a perfect shape of butterfly, use mini cupcakes too. These butterfly cupcakes hover birthday girl’s heart.
Teddy Bear Cupcakes
A teddy bear is a soft toy in the form of a bear. The teddy bear became an archetypal children’s toy. Get off the kids on a feral trek with a lone of charming teddy bear cupcakes. Let the fetching teddy bears be topped with homemade frosting to create a wild canopy.

Rainbow Cupcakes
Rainbow cupcakes are more appealing and its undemanding one to design. Choose the colors of the rainbow in order. Let them float in colorful bands. Now arrange the bands in sequence. Place these serial of band as toppings for cupcakes. These rainbow cupcakes create a colorful vibe to both kids and your guests.
Fairy Cupcakes
Parties’ don’t get better than fairy cupcakes. Fairy cupcake is a variant of cupcake. It is designed like the wings of a fairy.  Decorate the wings of the cake with icing to form various patterns. Finally, let the cupcakes be topped with sprinkles. Go for a wreath topping over the cupcakes. These cupcakes blend with the fairy theme.

Chocolate Cupcakes
Customarily, kids like chocolate flavor to a greater extent. Chocolate cupcakes are the classic sole. Plump for various toppings. Use chocolate glaze to have a richer dessert. If you want it more chocolaty threw some Choco chips over the cake. This flavor will insane and it mimics brownie.
Princess Cupcakes
Girls are fond of princess and they aspire themselves as a princess. These cupcakes are perfect for a princess party. Choose Disney princess like Ana, Elsa, Aurora, Rapunzel to decorate the cupcakes. You can top the cupcakes with assorted princess accessories such as crowns and wands with sprinkles. Opt for printed Disney princess for toppings and it’s energy-efficient for the party throwers.

Flamingo Cupcakes
Warm-up your party with these cool and trendy flamingo cupcakes. These flamingo deserts are unfathomable but awe-inspiring, we are here for that. Decorate the cupcakes with flamingo head and body. Bright pink colored wings look so gleeful and waggish. Go with strawberry flavored cupcakes that match the vibe of flamingo theme. Also decorate the cupcakes with a flamingo fun cake topper. Have an astonishing birthday bash with flamingo cupcakes.
Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
Minnie mouse is of course a sweet and stylish Disneyland character for girls. Throwing a Minnie cupcake for birthday party is an indelible one for girls. Let’s start the party with adorable Minnie cupcakes. Pipe the cupcakes with a swirl of pink buttercream frosting and top it with mini Oreo ears. Plump for a Minnie mouse bow or printable template of Minnie mouse head for topping.

Owl Cupcakes
The owl cupcakes are often winning and easy to prepare. Girls usually have more fun and fond of these owl cupcakes. Decorate the chocolate cupcakes with owl face using mini Oreos for eyes and place white chocolate buttons for eyes. How sweet it is! These cupcakes are owl-out adorable with their Oreo eyes.
Minion Cupcakes
Minion cupcakes are great for girls’ birthday party. Minion is a well-known cartoon character. Decorate the cupcakes with yellow frostings and place mini Oreos for eyes and spread white chocolate over the mini Oreos. Place a chocolate button in center to mimic eyes. Now keep half Oreos for decorating the mouth. Use printable Despicable Me Minion cupcake topper and have a glorious minion cupcake birthday party.

Star Cupcakes
Star cupcakes are consistently fancy and creative. Arrange for a black forest cupcakes and top the cupcakes with white colored star sprinklers or star cookies. Does it resemble stars in the dark sky? Use printable star templates or have wordings like TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR for toppers to have a special touch.
Unicorn Cupcakes
Unicorn cupcakes provide you an amusing way to celebrate your girl’s birthday party. It’s an easy recipe too. Order for a plain vanilla cupcakes and top it with swirled colorful frosting. Also place unicorns with ice cream cones. Use small unicorn toys as toppers. These pleasing cupcakes will be perfect for any special occasion.

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