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It’s better to have summer parties for kids to have fun and to entertain them. Organizing a kid’s party in the garden? Wow, it’s a fabulous idea to host a party in the garden for kids! Garden provides you with a natural and colorful environment for kids. Don’t get in a fluster! We are here to give away some useful suggestions for hosting a beautiful garden party.

Entrance Decoration
Decorate the entrance in an innovative way so that the kids have an excitement over the party. Spread an artificial grass mat at the entrance with the floral pots placed at both sides of the carpet. Decorate the garden entrance with different colored floral arch to have a soft and colorful approach.
Choose bright colored flowers and also place the leaves around the arch. Extend the arch to a small distance. It gives off a floral canal appearance. Give a warm welcome to your guests by giving a mini rose bouquet at the end of the floral canal.

Garden Decoration
Decorate the garden in such a way that the kids love it more and also to have fun over the garden. Kids’ party never exists without balloons. Throw some balloons throughout the garden. Tie some brightly colored balloons at the lamp post or near the shrubs and bushes. Place some balloon arches at various areas of the garden. Kids can play by running through the arches.
Arrange for the floral garland over the garden and tie it in a cross arch. Hang some pom poms and butterflies over the party area. Also decor the trees and bushes. Hang some floral lanterns, pom poms, balloons over the tree branches. Arrange few seatings under the trees to feel relaxed.
Throw some ballooned Disney characters like minions, Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys etc., Kids enjoy more with these ballooned props.

Table Decoration
It is the most important one for the kids, where they concentrate more. Set huge natural scenery as a backdrop for the table. Present a skirted table with a pink colored netted cloth. Place fake Christmas trees on both sides of the table. Decorate the trees with lighting.
Spread rose petals over the table. Order bright colored floral cake with leaf decorations on its base which suits the garden theme. Tie some helium-filled balloons at the corner of the table. Hang some butterflies and stars above the table. Place floral cupcakes and fruit carvings of flowers, animals, insects, butterflies to captivate the kids.
Decor the pathway to the table. Arrange for the lamp posts through the pathway and place a few bushes along the sides of the way in between the lamp posts which inspires our guests to have an amorous party.

Lighting Arrangements
Lighting illuminates the party always. Use ornamental lanterns and candles. Decorate the garden using string lights. Place colored lights under each bush which illuminates the light gives an exotic appearance. Step lighting is a captivating decor. Fence lighting also adds warmth to the garden party. Lighting flower pots add an extra touch to the party.
Centerpiece plays an important role in grabbing everyone’s eyes at the party. Place an artificial fountain with overflowing water as a centerpiece. This pretty looking fountain attracts each and every guest. Centerpiece always adds charm to the garden party.

Garden Movie
Arrange for a garden movie to make them entertaining. Place a huge screen and a projector at one corner of the garden. Instead of the screen, you can also go for a garden fence of light colored. Arrange for seatings like a tub or car. Play some animated movies that suit the theme of the party. Also, play some rock songs and engage the kids to dance and have fun!

Play Area
Play areas are must for the kids’ garden party. Allot some areas in the garden for playing. Spread a cushioned mat over the play area so that the kids don’t get hurt. Place some swings, see-saw, slides, balls, rings and other toys for the kids to play over there. This makes the party more memorable for kids.

Photo Station
The only way to ensure that you don’t forget this garden party is to have the Photo Booth. Go ahead with the photo booth providing a floral photo frame. Hang the floral frame over the tree branch. Issue some goggles and face mask and hats for the kids to have a fun snap to make it more indelible one.
Party Favors
Always end the party on a high note with party favors. Present a mini floral printed bag filled with floral cupcakes, mini ornamental bouquet, memorable photos, goggles, face masks etc., as a take-home favor.

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