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Decoration for Wedding Garden Party
Wedding is an oath of love and sharing their happiness and sorrows as well throughout their life. It’s one of the greatest occasions in life. Having a wedding party in garden creates an enchanting environment for both guests and couples. To put on a winning wedding garden party, here are our stunning decor ideas.
Selecting a wedding garden is the most important part of wedding party. Venue sets tone of the party. Gardens are usually romantic and it implies a beautiful atmosphere. It must exhibit fountains, water falls, ponds, ornamental plants and flowers with fragrance to create interest and delight the senses.

Decor the Garden Entrance
Decorate the entrance with floral arch. Use bright colored flowers. Cover the paths to garden by a tent. Use white or light colored curtain for tent use rose buds to decor. Spread a red carpet throughout the entrance, which provides a warm welcome to your guests.
Stage Decoration
Arrange for a floral pathway towards the stage. A desirable way to create floral essence around the party. Set a stage for wedding couples. Decor the corners and edges of stage with multicolored flowers and green leaves. Fill the stage with lightened artificial Christmas trees. Place trees on both end of the stage to create a natural look. Arrange for a circular pillar arch over the stage and hang some ornamental plants along with flowers, below which the couples will be getting married.

Back Drop
Setting a perfect backdrop enhances the natural theme of wedding party. Create an artificial fountain as a back drop and decorate it with lights to create a fitting reflection of nature all around.
Cake Table Decoration
Spread light colored clothes over the table. Wrap floral plants around the table legs. Cover the edges of table with tulip flowers. Arrange for a heart shaped cake with cute couple display. Tie some heart shaped balloons at the corner of table. Place an oval shaped backdrop for table. Decor the backdrop using fruits and fill the oval space with couple photograph.
Chair Decoration
Spread a white colored curtain over the chair. Tie a lace or ribbon around the chair. Place a mini bouquet with daises and leaves at the backside of the chair to amuse your guests.

Refreshing Drink
What’s better than a drink? Arrange for a homemade lemonade or margarita. It keeps your guests energetic. Serve it chill in pretty pink glasses.
Garden Decor Ideas
Decorate the garden using balloon and lanterns. Place some balloon arches with attractive colors. Setup some posts in the garden. Wrap the post with balloons and place a bunch of cute orchids at top of post to draw attention of your friends and relatives. Create a floral garland in the garden. Decorate all shrubs and trees in the garden by placing floral bouquets at the stem. Arrange for a swing and hang it from a tree branch to entertain kids.
Lighting Arrangements
Throwing a wedding party at night? It’s a fabulous idea. Lighting creates a special attention and that adds a charm to the magnificent party. Choose heart shaped small LED lights for decoration. Hang lightened lanterns along with flowers for an elegant look. Create light garland with multicolored lights. Make an artificial lightened backyard fire in the garden to entertain your guests. Place lightened candles over the dinner table and arrange for a candle-lit dinner. It creates a delightful romantic dinner for both guests and couples.

Music Troop
Arrange a music troop for a wedding garden party. Music creates a lovely environment and it sets a romantic mood to the party. Music along with the greeneries gives an amorous biosphere to the wedding couples.
Photo Shoot
Photos are the one to make your wedding memorable. Arrange for a photo shoot which brings the occasion in front of our eyes. Southern enchanted garden or industrial garden styled photo shoot is absolutely one-of-a-kind and simply breathe taking!
Party Favors
For a memento of the occasion give our guests “a pot plant” as party favor. This plant remains the guests your indelible wedding garden party.

General Tips
> Make a photo wall in the garden and stick some photos of cute couples.
> Use gold glitter votive to decorate the table.
> Place table lamp in the reception table and hide the cord by decorating it with flowers.
> Make chalkboard signage.
> Use gold dipped balloons to decorate the garden.
> Display heart shaped fruit and vegetable carvings.
> Arrange for a tattoo section for kids.
Throw a romantic and whimsical wedding garden party for your guests using the above stunning ideas.

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