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Tea Party Decor:Garden Tea Party Decoration Ideas Unique Arrangements For Elegant Garden Tea Party With Cupcake And Flowers

Garden Tea Party Decoration Ideas
Planning for a backyard at your home? If YES, go for a stupendous garden tea party. To host a garden tea party one doesn’t need any reasons for it. Just have a get together with your friends and family members to spend your leisure and enjoy with bash. The atmosphere matters a lot that makes them feel special. Here is the bunch of cute ideas to throw a gorgeous garden tea party.
Entrance decoration
Make a floral arch at the entrance of your garden. Present a warm welcome to your guests by giving a tulip flower. Provide a welcome drink to let them refresh. Give tea pot crowns to kids just to amuse them.

Table Setting
Table setting gives an impressive look to your garden party. Use pretty soft colors for table decoration. Pink and lavender colored glass wares are more preferable. Fill glass jars with elegant flowers and wrap it with matching ribbon and place over the table. Arrange for a long table garland with candles.
Fill the fruits in a vase of your toys and place rosebuds for table decoration. Tip: Select bright colored fruits like strawberry. Toss some flowers in a vase filled with water. Decorate it with some rose petals that add a romantic touch to the garden party. Buy different colored paper cups and fill it with single rosebud or go for glass jars filled with colored water. Now place daffodils into it, which fill your eyes with assorted colors. Decor chairs at the garden with colored curtains. Tip: Dress up all chairs with tulle(Tie a knot at the top and let the excess fabric left down).

Center Piece
Fill flowers in a tea cup or tea pot. Wrap a lace or ribbon around the tea cup. It gives an elegant touch to the garden tea party.
Refreshing Drink
There is always a time for cocktail. Cocktails are like a present you give to yourself. Herbal tea, cool mint, homemade lemonade, strawberry sage, ginger tea and honey tea are some of the delightful options. Serve it well chilled in pretty tall glasses.
Floral Arrangements
Flowers provide royal touch to get your party started. Flowers set the mood of your party event. Go for floral arrangements throughout the garden. Place a flower filled tool box in your garden. Attach floral bouquets over the stem of tree branches. Sticking some fluttering butterflies over flowers makes them seem more whimsical.

Lighting Arrangements
Lighting is one of the least expensive ways to create a distinctive mood. Use lighting to show off your venue beautiful. A line of lit lanterns provides light for a garden tea party during nights. Decorate your backyard or garden using string lights of different shapes and sizes. Light up the staircase using lanterns and candles. Candle lined staircase adds charm to the garden tea party. Hang sparklers at different heights in tree branches.
Highlight the garden wall by lighting it with string golden lights. Lighting up any plants in the corner of your garden, adds extra light to the party. Hang a well-lit quote in the party as “Garden Tea Party”.
Create flame-less fire pit using lights, which draws attention of your guests. String together the lights and mirror garland in your garden that endlessly glitters. Fill a jar with bunch of lights and place it over the table. Create a lightened tea cup garland using different colored disposable paper cups.
Make snow globe terrariums. Pick up few glass jars and fill it up with snow, LED lights, artificial Christmas tree or bottle brush tree for a glowing display. Throw some twine spear light balls over the garden.

Pool Decoration
Having a pool in backyard? Now it’s time for you to decorate the pool for garden tea party. Toss some beach balls into the pool. It is an affordable idea to fill the pool with colored balloons. Decor your pool with floats, flowers or lanterns with candles. It adds glow to the party.
Photo Station
Arrange for a photo station to make the party memorable after years. Flower shaped photo booth matches the garden tea party.
Music Arrangements
Everyone loves music. Music creates romantic tone of the event. Then why can’t we go for music arrangement? Play melodies which please your guests and also a party rock anthem to let your guests dance and enjoy the party.
Party Favors
Give your guests mini bouquets or bag bouquets as a return gift which makes it a cutest one.
Delight your guests with the garden tea party using our above stunning ideas..

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