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Hair Style:Hair Style Ideas For Bridal Girl Fabulous Half Up And Half Down Hair Style Idea For Bridal Girl With Floral Hair Pins

Certainly, wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. Bride to be has to cover a long way to show off a gorgeous look for this special occasion. The overall appearance of the bride is determined by their hairstyle. Choosing a hairstyle to suit your face and outfit is really a tough task as a bride to be. This article furnishes you with different wedding hair style ideas. Just try the best one out of it.
Bun is the most popular hairstyle. Everyone likes bun and it best suits for wedding. Bun gives a special touching look for the bride to be. It seems to be trendy as well as traditional. Scroll down for some of the best bun hairstyles for bride to be.

Sock bun
Sock bun is easy and very basic bun for the brides that gives elegant look. Use an old sock for this bun hair do. Choose a sock which is close to your hair color. Create a tube out of the sock by cutting the toe end of the sock. Roll up the sock to create a ring or donut shape. Put your hair a pony and place the ring shaped sock at the base of the pony similar to a band.
Now pull the sock to the end of your hair and tuck the hair tip around the bun. Roll the bun towards the base of the pony along with your hair. Now, your hair will be gathered in a ring around the bun. Secure the bun using bobby pins. Match up your accessories just to add charm to this hairstyle.

Braided bun
Braided bun looks simpler and is yet an effortless style. Tie your hair as a loose pony at the nape of your neck. Braid your pony in a classic three-strand braid or four or five strand braid as you wish.  Create a hole in the area of your hair above the ponytail holder by using your fingers.
Now pass your braid through the hole. Do not pull it out completely. Again repeat the same procedure to create a bun. Tuck up the braid tip into the base of the pony using bobby pins. Decorate the braid bun using small matching flowers to enlighten the style.

Bow Bun
Bow bun is an impressive hairdo and it looks complicated to do. Silky hair is best suited for this style. Brush up your hair to remove knots. Gather up all your hair higher at a desired height and wrap around a hair tie like a ponytail and make a loop bun on the final wrap around the hair tie.
From the middle of the bun, split it into two halves. Pull the left loop towards the left side of your head, and the right loop towards the right. Do not secure the loop with pins. Now pull the ponytail up over the center of the bow. Divide the pony into two equal halves and bring the left strand under the left side and vice versa. Secure the pony strands with bobby pins. Decorate the bow with matching lace.

Two Braid Low Bun
Two braid low bun seems to be attractive and modish for the wedding bride. This hairdo is bit time consuming but presents a more romantic you. It draws attention of each and every one over the wedding area. Start with a side swept of your desired side. Take few strands of the swept and braid it loosely till the nape of your neck.
Take another few strands of the swept and follow the same procedure. Now gather rest of your hair and tie for a pony and go with bun of your choice. After completing the bun, twist the two braid strands around the bun and secure it with bobby pins. Decorate the bun using white flowers which makes the hairdo more appealing for the bride to be.

Fish Tail Bun
Fish tail bun is one of the most popular hairstyles for the bride. This style is too tedious and needs someone to accompany you for this style. First of all, make your hair tangle free. Go for a low pony and tie it with the hair tie. Separate the pony into two equal halves.
Now take thinner strands of hair from one side and bring it over the other side in a criss cross manner. Repeat the same procedure up to the tip of your hair. Twist the fish tail around the pony to create a bun and secure it with pins. This hairstyle gives you a rich look. Finally, glam up your style by accessorizing it.
You can pretty up your look by creating a side swept, front curls and front puff along with any one of the above mentioned buns.

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