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Looking to have a small get-together at pool side during night? This is an awesome idea to spend your leisure in an indelible manner with your friends. Night is the best time for your gatherings so that your guests are done with their work and can have enough time to spare with their loved ones.
The important aspect of the party is to have a nice arrangement which is incorporated along with creative decorations. Don’t get overwrought to host a decorative eve pool party? Here we give you a bunch of suggestions for night pool party decorations to have a great bash!

Floating Candles
Night pool parties can’t live without floating candles. It’s the common decor idea which most of the people implement it for their eve party. Floating candles are one of the best decorative elements for the night pool party.
It floats over the pool water and it’s not dangerous as the water extinguishes the flame after it completely burns off. The fire lightings from the candle set the tone of the party. It makes your guests to feel light and joyous. The illumination of the candle lights over the water creates a captivating episode for the guests.

Lightened Inflatables
Nothing is more fun without inflatables. Inflatables are the floatable one thrown over the pool. Floats are the best part of any pool party. Kids usually like floats and they feel relaxed by kicking them. Go for an ice cube floatables for placing drinks. Throw lightened floats like flamingoes, ducks, cupcakes, chocolate bar floats, citrus floats, colorful beach balls etc., It’s more fun to have floatables in pool party.

Glowing Lanterns
Enlighten the party with lanterns. Decor the pool side with lantern garlands. Use floatable lanterns over the pool. Arrange for seatings beside the pool along with lanterns, who prefer to relax. Lanterns provide extra light to the party. Use multi-colored lanterns to create a delightful look.
Pool Movie
It is a distinctive idea as the pool movie entertains everyone. Don’t miss out this movie idea for your upcoming pool party. Arrange for a projector beside the pool or go with a light colored wall for projecting the film. Also arrange for lighting near the screen space that highlights the party and gains complete focus.
Choose films related to water. “Deep blue sea”, ” Jaws”, “Ice age 2”, “Mona”, “Finding nemo” are the great options for kids. Throw some inflatable lounge chairs over the pool and serve drinks, popcorn, candies and cupcakes to have a best pool movie.

Decorations around the Pool
Not only the pool decoration is of great importance but also the decoration around the pool speaks. Decor the party area with lights. String lights are charmingly a rustic solution to lighten up your pool side area. Fill a glass jar with mini golden fairy lights for some added warmth and hang it over trees nearby pool.
Use lanterns for pool step decoration. Place lanterns of various shapes and sizes over the steps of your pool. It creates an exotic appearance and inspires your guests.
Decorate the trees with lanterns and string lights. Suspend glass lanterns from tree branches as it is captivating too. Also opt for a fire pit near pool. Encircle the fire pit with cushioned seats to relax.

Lantern posts are a certainly a classic one. Place the posts surrounding the pool as it provides light to each and every corner of your pool. Use decorative lanterns for post. Place colored lights under the bushes. Bush lighting is an effective method to light up the party mood. Place water proof candles over a tray filled with flowers and keep it near the pool.
Use different colored mason jars over the pool table to create a rainbow vibe and it looks colorful. Decorate the pool edges with string lights as it gives a lovely look for the pool. You can also place colorful light pots surrounding the pool.
Go for pathway lighting towards the pool. It’s a dazzling idea which guides your guests to the pool and it makes the venue beautiful.

Check out the general tips here for a perfect pool decor
> Arrange for a pool side basketball system to entertain your guests.
> Go for a portable water proof Bluetooth floating light show off music player to dance and have fun.
> Place floating LED pool glow cubes to lighten your pool.
> Throw some battery operated water proof swimming fish into the pool to create a natural vibe.
> Place neon filled tubes around the sides of pool to have a glow during night.
> Arrange for an LED pool fountain to enlighten the pool party.
> Place pool furniture beside the pool along with table and decorative lanterns.
> Give off flip flops, sunglasses, mini bottles of champagne as party favors.
Proper organization and arrangements highlight the pool party. It makes your guests to enjoy the magical midnight swim and it is catchy too!

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