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Is your kid’s birthday coming up? Planning to organize a birthday party for your kid? Worrying about table decoration! Set free to host a stunning table decoration for the party. Of course table decoration plays a vital role for birthday party as it acts as a center piece for parties.
This article gives you an easy job to decorate the party table without any confusion. Here we have enclosed a theme based table decor ideas where the themes are separate for boys and girls. First of all,  go with your theme selection that suits your kid and then proceed with table decoration. Scroll down to get enough creative table decor ideas based on the theme.

Car Themed Table Decoration
Have you ever tried car theme for birthday party? Car theme is best acceptable for boys. This theme makes the party more cheerful for boy kids. Decorate the table like a car. Spread Red colored mat over the table.
Place two car wheels at the corner of the table, resembling a car. Order for a car shaped cake and place it over the table. Spread carpet in front of the table like a track or road and place some barricades. Also decorate the table with cupcakes and flag toppings. Hang some checkered black and white pennant garland above the table.
Place some Disney racer car mini award medal on the table along with lightning McQueen Disney car and rusteez car to please the kids. Have a banner at back side of the table indicating traffic signals. This makes kid to get knowledge about traffic signals. Car themed table decoration attracts every kids over the party and don’t miss it!

Ocean Themed Table Decoration
Ocean theme is a fabulous idea to throw an indelible birthday party. It is a neutral gender theme or the kids. Come on let’s travel into the ocean and have an adventure! Choose blue color to fit the theme.
Spread blue colored ocean creature printed mat over the table. Place a glass jar with blue colored water filled with natural living golden fishes. Arrange for star fish shaped cake. Arrange for 3D artificial coral reef near the cake. This acts as a centerpiece. Decorate cup cakes with mermaid printed toppings.
Place some giant balloon dolphins at both sides of the table. Hang some balloon fishes, turtles, crabs, sea horses etc., Go with octopus banner as a back drop to create a sea vibe around everyone over the birthday party. Spread a mat of sand in front of the table and place some mini artificial crabs over the sand. Ocean themes make everyone joyous and just go for it.

Jungle Themed Table Decoration
Jungle theme takes guests to a jungle and create a wonderful experience. It makes your guests a to have fun and most haunting birthday occasion. This is also a neutral gender theme.
Place two tall coconut or palm balloon trees at each side of the table. Decorate the table like a forest. Place a mountain along with river or a pond to act as a center piece. Arrange for a lion faced cake with animal candles. Spread brown colored or tiger or zebra striped mat for table. Decor the table with natural bushes and shrubs.
Throw some wild animal toys over the table. Go for cupcakes with wild animal toppings. Hang some bees and butterflies above the table. Stick some printed palm leaves behind the table. Set jungle themed backdrop and hang monkey and snake toys over the banner. Also spread a grass mat along with trees and giant ballooned animals nearby to create a jungle domain.

Fairy Themed Table Decoration
Fairy theme is a exactly a fascinating theme that best suits for girls. This theme makes the birthday girl feel herself, a fairy. Initially choose the color for this fairy theme.  Pro Tip: Opt for pleasant colors like pink, lavender, pale white or golden.
Decor the table similar to a skirt. Buy tulle fabric and tie it around the table to give an enriched look. Place huge fairy wings at each side of the table. Spread white or blue colored mat for the table. Throw some artificial snow over it. Order for a fairy cake along with star candles.
Decorate the table with star shaped cookies. Hang some stars and butterflies over the table. Arrange for a fairy themed cupcakes or cupcakes with star or fairy printed toppings. Place a fairy themed backdrop along with balloons of floral shaped to get an appearance of fairy world.
Give away a stupendous theme based table decoration for your kids’ birthday party. Let your guests and kid have a great funny birthday bash!!

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