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Kids always love to get dressed up. But it’s a bit tougher one for parents to choose the party outfit for kids. Make your kids wish to get easily fulfilled by following the upcoming theme based kids party dress ideas. This makes your job easier without pulling your nerves.

Fairy theme
Girls love to doll up like a fairy. They consider themselves, a fairy along with the paired wings and star wands. Go with white or golden color netted long gown which perfectly fits the theme. Give them a star wand that implies a fairy.
Choose the best hairdo. Both the hairdo and outfit speaks. The side swept with outward bouncy curls creates a captivating look. Provide the crown and it is as pretty as a real fairy. Attach the wings on back side of the gown. Wear them a white sock and glam up your kid with matching accessories.

Princess theme
Dressing up your little one is a joy. It also creates an excitement for parents to dress up their kids in a special costume. Princess theme best suits for girls. This one is similar to a fairy theme. Choose any princess like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Aurora, Royal Princess, Snow White etc.. Now select the color according to the princess. For instance, if you choose Cinderella, opt for blue or pink gown. Order for a bushy netted long gown or a short one.
Select a perfect hairstyle that matches your girl. Side swept with fish tail braid fits perfectly the princess theme. Wear them glass shoes and concentrate on accessories and crown.  Also change the walk and style like a princess to have a winning outfit. This dressing makes them feel, a princess.

Cow boy and cow girl theme
Both boys and girls love this theme. This is a neutral gender theme. This costume best fits for boys as well as girls. Arrange for a cow boy costume. Biscuit colored jean with contrast full sleeve shirt is a best option. Don’t forget about the over coat. Go for a black colored huge hat, resembling a cow boy.
Wear them a brown leather belt with an artificial gun along with gun case. Order for black or brown boots to complete the cow boy outfit. Boys really love it and looks really awesome in this costume. Even the same outfit best suits for girls for the cow girl theme.

Jungle theme
It is also a neutral gender theme. Go with the jungle safari costume. Choose brown colored half sleeve formal shirt with same colored formal pant or trousers. Wear brown leather belt with artificial gun and the case, attached to the belt. Give them binoculars and provide them the related hats and shoes to give out an outstanding outfit for jungle theme.
Go with the corresponding costume on choosing an animal. You can select leopard, tiger, snake, gorilla or the animals of your ward’s choice. The whole costume is available in the store. Don’t miss out the accessories such as leopard ear head bands, tails, matching shoes etc., as it highlights the outfit.  To get a perfect completion of your kid’s costume, go with contact lenses of your chosen animal to rock the party.

Under the Sea theme
This is a unique theme. You will have variety of options to dress up your kid. You can choose any of the sea creatures that live under water. Mermen, mermaid, star fish, octopus, crabs, jelly fish and dolphins are the best options.
Choosing a mermaid theme, go with the blue colored sequin material that matches mermaid. Stitch fit and flare sequin mermaid outfit. Free bouncy curls best suits this costume.
For starfish, go for an orange colored T-shirt and pant. Arrange for a star fish shaped orange chart. Create a big hole in the center for your kids face. Draw the star fish features in the chart and place the chart over your kids’ face. It draws attention of all over the party.

Garden Theme
This is also one of the best themes for kids. You have multiple options like butterflies, flowers, lady bugs, bumble bees, trees and frogs. Butterflies matches well for girls. Wear them a black and pink bouncy netted knee frocks. Go for butterfly antenna head bands and also make them wear the wings of matching color. Provide the best accessories and shoes to enrich the outfit.
Rabbits, gardener and trees fits for boys. For rabbits, make them wear white woolen shirt and pant with their heads covered. Arrange for rabbit ear head bands and give some grasses in their hands. It’s a cute and attractive outfit for boys.
Here we have enclosed a variety of theme based dress ideas for kids. Choose a best option that matches your kid’s style to have a best party ever.

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